Top Tips For Furniture

Top Tips For Furniture

Ideas on how to utilize your living space

Make it Big

Keep an eye out for visually light coloured furniture. Our Mirage coffee table with it’s gass and metal features consumes very little visual space, leaving the room free and uncluttered.

Neutral colours; a living room can have the tendency to feel compact with block colours. Choosing neutral colours pushes the back walls, hence a room that you can roam in.

By using small scale furniture that suits the room not only creates the illusion of space, for example using armless chairs which eliminates the overcrowdedness in your living space.
Great! A room that is stress free.

Be your own interior designer

Add visual interest to any space by adding a variety of mix furninshings with different characteristics, giving the room a rustic feel with a dash of your personality.

Balance is the key

Be zen with your space, by using symmetry as your tool. Symmetry adds a laid back vibe, whereas asymmetry adds an influx of emotion and excitement.

Be an artist, see your living space as a blank canvas and like the artist create depth in your room. This works by contrasting dark coloured furnishings against the lighter back drop of the walls, and other features within the room.

Make certain pieces stand out!

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